Couple builds tiny house on wheels for $30K to free up money and time for travel

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When you want to really pursue your dreams, instead of simply dreaming them, you might need to think outside the box. Outside the housing box, that is.

Tiny houses are a great solution for a number of modern housing and living woes, including being able to own your own home while avoiding a massive mortgage, and tiny houses on wheels offer an additional benefit, in that your home doesn't have to stay in one place, but can instead go wherever you do. Those were a few of the compelling reasons behind Jenna Spesard and Guillaume Dutilh choosing to build a tiny house on wheels, which allowed them to pursue their dreams of traveling and capturing their experiences in writing and photography.

In 2013, the couple found that they were stuck in careers that they hated, had too much debt (and too much stuff), and not enough money to travel, which is what they really wanted to do. So, thinking outside the housing box, they came up with a plan to follow their dreams through a combination of a minimalist lifestyle and budget travel, which led them to start building a 125 square feet (11.6 square meter) tiny home on a trailer. This project, which they began in the fall of 2013 and completed about a year later, took more than 1000 hours to build, and cost them less than $30,000, which is a significantly lower amount than the average home price.

Since then, they've traveled more than 22,000 miles (35,405 km) with the tiny house, through more than 30 US states and five Canadian provinces, and have even put more than 1100 nautical miles on it via ferry rides. They've also taken it as far north as the Arctic Circle, as far south as the Florida Keys, and from 282 feet below sea level in Death Valley to more than 11,000 feet above sea level in the Rockies. It really is a giant journey in a tiny house, which is reflected in their site's name, Tiny House Giant Journey.

“Guillaume and I have grown as travelers, individuals and as partners in crime. Over the past year, we have collected memories instead of possessions, and we’re happier now than ever before!” – Jenna

The folks at Goal Zero, one of the leading purveyors of portable solar gear, made a tiny documentary (below) about this couple and their tiny house on wheels, which may inspire more people to make the move to a more appropriate housing option in order to pursue their own dreams.

Jenna and Guillaume's website is a treat for not only tiny house enthusiasts (with lots of great practical insights and resources for tiny houses), but also for those who love to travel (or to read about others' travels) and who appreciate some great visuals, including tiny house video tours and photography.

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