Collaborative Tiny House Project is creating a tiny house building program for schools

Collaborative Tiny House Project
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This tiny house project is developing a multidisciplinary curriculum and tutorial series for schools and for individuals, as well as giving away a "Dream Tiny House."

Tiny houses are either something you love or something you hate, because while there are plenty of reasons to pursue building or buying one for yourself, there are probably just as many reasons why it wouldn't work for many people. My family and I lived in one for more than 5 years, and it was the perfect option for us, yet so many of our like-minded friends would tell us "I could never do that," even as they bemoaned their monthly living expenses.

One of the great things about tiny houses is that they don't necessarily have to be used as a full-time dwelling, but can also be used in a variety of other ways, from part-time vacation cabin to guest house to art studio. And there's still yet another way that tiny houses can be used, as illustrated by this new tiny house project, which aims to develop a multidisciplinary curriculum and tutorial series for use in middle schools and high schools. The curriculum will enable students to earn credits in math, science, and english, while also learning the necessary skills to build their own small house (or possibly to start their own business building tiny houses for others).

"The goal is to reach youth at an early age to inform them that in their free time, they can self-construct a tiny house before graduating high school, and have something chic they can live in while they go to college or enter the work force." - Saul Hansen, Collaborative Tiny House Project team

The Collaborative Tiny House Project
isn't just designed for students and teachers, though, as the project is also developing a set of tutorials for anybody to follow, allowing people to have "access to all the knowledge necessary to make it ridiculously easy for anyone to build him or her self a tiny house." To fund this endeavor, the team behind the project has turned to Kickstarter to raise the $20,000 necessary to build the initial "Dream Tiny House" (which will actually be given away to a deserving individual or family afterward), and to fully develop the two sets of tutorials.

"... we have concluded that when it comes to affordability, the best scenario is for people to self-construct their own tiny house. The barrier then becomes access to knowing what to do, and how to do it, which is why my team is also developing a day-to-day program that when followed, will produce a tiny house within one year. This tutorial series will clearly explain the most intimidating aspects of constructing a tiny house so that anyone can do it after work during their free time." - Saul Hansen

As an avid tiny house advocate, and as a parent who believes that more appropriate real-life skills (like building your own home) should be offered in schools, I think this project has a lot of potential to make building tiny houses a lot more accessible and desirable. It could also offer a solution to the common challenge of affordable living, especially for young people who struggle to make ends meet while going to college, trade school, or interning.

The Collaborative Tiny House Project is offering backers of the Kickstarter campaign at the $20 level a copy of the digital blueprints for constructing a 250 square foot tiny home, with backers at the $40 level receiving blueprints for the 328 square foot Dream Tiny House, and those pledging $50 and up will get access to the full tiny house building tutorial series.

For schools, teachers, and other interested parties, a pledge of $300 will get the full set of video tutorials and curriculum designed for middle and high schools, which will also include interviews with the teachers and students who helped develop the program.

Here's more on the school program:

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