A clever way to get around the rules against tiny houses

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One of the problems with tiny houses is that municipalities don't like them. They don't distinguish them from trailers and don't want Those Kinds of People. They want bigger houses with higher tax assessments. They want enclosed garages. That's why so many places have restrictions specifying minimum floor areas and other measures that keep limit where small and tiny houses can go. Alex of Tiny House Talk comes to the rescue with his plan for a tiny house built around a big garage. It probably wouldn't fly; garages don't usually count in floor area so that people can do doubles and triples and make them as big as they want. But it does demonstrate the idiocy of these rules.

Lot areaWhere I am now, in the middle of nowhere, a minimum of about 550 square feet./CC BY 2.0

Even in the north woods of Ontario where I have my cabin deep in the middle of nowhere, they set the minimum at 550 square feet. As I noted in an earlier post about the problems with tiny houses, they insist on full water and sewer systems that can cost more than the house. They don't allow trailers so you can't just leave it on the chassis. They don't want tiny houses, period.

Tiny houses are not for everyone, but they shouldn't be illegal.

A clever way to get around the rules against tiny houses
And why those rules should be changed.

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