Carry your house on your back with Steven M. Johnson's Parka Place

Parka Place drawing
© Steven M. Johnson/ Parka Place

In 1968 Michael Webb of Archigram first showed the Suitaloon, a minimalist inflatable home that you carry on your back.

Suitaloon full drawing© Archigram

I thought it was brilliant and have been showing versions of tents that fold out of our clothing ever since, to much abuse in comments. Now it turns out that cartoonist/ visionary/ inventor Steven M. Johnson figured it out decades ago, calling it "a studio apartment with sleeves!" There is even a term for this kind of design- Hobotecture. Here are some of the other examples we have shown in TreeHugger:

More Hobotecture, houses you carry on your back:

wearable tent

Carry Your House on Your Back With The Wearable Tent

Archigram Ouvre Online, Ready To Inspire
justin gargasz backpack

Carry Your House on Your Back With Vessel by Justin Gargasz
sleeping coat photo

Transformer Clothing: The Sleeping Coat Becomes Your Bedroom
party dress

And my favorite, for multiple accommodation: Party Dress: The Ultimate in Movable Architecture

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