Studio Cabo sheds a new light on the shed

Studio Cabo
CC BY 2.0 Lloyd Alter/ Studio Cabo at National Home Show

Taking a moment away from designing everything from theme parks to city plans, Montreal designer Medhi Ali of Perception turns his attention to the shed, or as Cabo Studio calls it, "the most flexible solution for adding more space or creating unique amenities with quality prefabricated structures."

For the National Home Show in Toronto they set it up as a home office/ guest room/ bunkie configuration,

...but on their website they show it configured for many different uses, from office for the shedworking crowd to gym to sauna to bar to workshop.

It is a clever little design where you can mix and match the components for the different uses in different sizes, but the smallest unit is sized to slip in under the building code and zoning bylaw rules that usually exempt structures under 100 square feet.

They also offer it for commercial uses such as pop-up sales centers, cabanas and caf├ęs. "Our solutions in the hospitality, retail and events categories give your brands and products a new way to interact with your existing customers and potential clients." Judging from the portfolio of the parent company, they have some experience in this field.

On their website they show a larger version, Cabo Casa, which they call "modular micro homes." I find them less convincing because of their rounded ends.

These have been tried before; they waste a lot of space and cost a lot of money to make, and require some kind of material that can work as both wall and roof. I have never thought that it made much sense.

Over a decade ago Matias Creimer did it because the rounded ends made it seem "proud to be mobile", like an airstream trailer. His drawings were beautiful and colorful but it didn't make much sense then either.

More images at Studio Cabo

This video shows how the unit is delivered on a trailer and then lifted by a boom truck.

Studio Cabo from Perception Creative Thinking on Vimeo.

Studio Cabo sheds a new light on the shed
Montreal company has designed a flexible unit that can drop anywhere and do anything.

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