Baumraum puts tiny houses on a pedestal

pair of baumraum
© Laura Fiorio

TreeHugger loves Baumraum's beautiful treehouses; they are often freestanding structures rather than being built in trees, but they tread lightly and they put you up among the canopy. Their latest puts two small residential units on pedestals in a "somewhat bourgeois" district of Berlin.

baumraum front© Laura Fiorio

The architects at Baumraum tell Archdaily that the project was " conceived as an experiment and a research project for new construction and housing in tune with nature. It is intended to serve as an oasis and inspire friends and guests of the family, as well as students and those interested in architecture."

Baumraum interior photo© Laura Fiorio

The two units are 21 square meters (226 Square feet) each, on top of a 4 meter (13') pedestal base that house utilities and garden storage. The unit is built of our favorite material, Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT), which is left visible inside.

Interior of unit looking at kitchen© Laura Fiorio

Solid prefabricated five-layer spruce panels are used in the walls, ceiling and floor. The advantage of this construction lies in its structural and ecological qualities. These solid wooden parts have a high insulating quality, are breathable, have a high heat storage capacity and can be installed quickly and easily.

It is then clad in Aluminum composite panels.

plan of unit© Baumraum

It is actually a lovely little plan; what a difference a bit of width makes. It's 3 meters (10') wide inside, with a 5.05 m (16'-6") living area and a very generous bathroom running full width beyond that. My first thoughts were to wonder why put the unit so far up in the air, but it's worth the schlep up the stairs to get into the canopy of the trees, to get the view from the deck, and to keep the ground plane so clear. It is high enough that the light can penetrate underneath:

baumraum underneath© Laura Fiorio

The architects tell Archdaily that the owner of the land died before the project was completed.

Unfortunately, he was not able to witness the completion of the treehouses and the development of his idea to build something unusual on his land. The treehouses are dedicated to him and his wife. We would like to thank Hans-Joachim Stegemann and his grandson Kolja for this beautiful project.

But he has left a lovely legacy. Lots more images at Archdaily and also on Designboom.

the units at night© Laura Fiorio

Baumraum puts tiny houses on a pedestal
It is"an oasis of tranquility set within an urban context."

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