Artists create a tiny house in a loft

Your dream Brooklyn loft is a big open space with high ceilings, but if you want to earn a little income on airbnb you need to be able to offer a little privacy. Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao solved this problem by building two cabins in their loft; a tree house for themselves, and a cute little cabin for guests.

View of entire loft© Cabin in a loft

Kim covered this project a few years ago, but it has evolved since then and has a new website. Kim quoted the designers:

Rather than building floor-to-ceiling walls to divide the apartment into two bedrooms, the pitched roof of the cabin and elevated floor of the treehouse maintain the openness and character of the loft while also allowing sunlight to fill the entire space. As a result, living in the space can feel like living outdoors, in a small community of two houses.

cabin in a loft© Cabin in a loft

A lovely idea, building a tiny house inside a big loft, to host travelling artists. Found at Pop-Up City.

cabin in a loft plan© Cabin in a loft

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