6 dreamy tiny homes created for Disney characters

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Who needs a Disney castle when you could have one of these fairytale tiny homes instead?

While a traditional Disney storyline may end up with our protagonists living happily ever after in a shimmering palace – it's amusing to imagine what would happen if we flipped the script. What if our favorite heroes and heroines, for example, decided to reject the fairytale McCastle and join the tiny house movement instead?

This is the idea that the folks at Angie's List decided to have some fun with. After exploring the Disney universe for ideas and re-watching their favorite Disney movies, they get the most "nuanced, accurate hints of what the Disney characters’ decorating choices would be." And then they went to work creating imaginary tiny dream homes for six of our fictional stars. And seriously, they are (almost) all fit for a princess! Or a cowboy ... or a living skeleton?

1. A tiny home for Elsa from Frozen

In this delightful creation, Elsa gives up Arendelle Castle – lets it go, if you will – with an enchanted Nordic-inspired A-frame in the woods. The interior has white, snowflake-inspired beams and the wintry palette of blues that she is known for.

2. A tiny home for Woody from Toy Story

Our favorite cowboy doll gets a vintage western look, complete with solid wood interiors, rustic cabinets, and some frontier Victoriana by way of an antler chandelier. "The vintage western look continues out to the wraparound balcony on the exterior, just like in the old west. And every tiny house should have a rocker outside," notes Angie's List, "doubly so if it’s the home of a cowboy."

3. A tiny home for Merida from Brave

The design for Merida's tiny abode took its cues from the bold geometrics of the real-life Scottish castles that inspired the filmmakers. The interior is bold, natural, and beautifully rustic. "From the Celtic cathedral-like window, the medieval-styled fireplace, to the bold colors of the rug and chair, we’ve made sure that Merida’s personality is there. The big windows at the back offer plenty of natural light - or the chance to glance at the glow of a will-o'-the-wisp. And, most importantly, we added a vintage painting to pay homage to Angus, Merida’s famous Scottish Clydesdale horse."

4. A tiny home for Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Belle's tiny home is modeled after the cottage home of her father; but just the dormer! Because really, who needs the rest of the cottage when you can have just the dormer? Besides, we know that Belle will be lost in her books all day anyway, so it's a good thing she has stacks of them piled everywhere.

5. A tiny home for Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Of course our ghoulish hero has a wonderfully creepy gothic getaway ... would we want anything less for the leader and “Pumpkin King” of Halloween Town? Not so sure I would want to live in this one – it's a bit more "serial killer" than "Pinterest princess" – but for the master of spooky, it couldn't be more perfect.

6. A tiny home for Mulan from Mulan

Ending things on a lighter note, a chic Eastern-themed tiny house fit for a modern-day minimalist. "The overall aesthetic is toned down, with coffee and tea colors throughout the fixtures and fittings. For added detail, we also included Chinese jars, books, figurines, canisters, and the necklaces that Mulan and her husband got before they rode off for their mission in Mulan II." The fresh magnolia blooms are a lovely touch, as Mulan means "magnolia" in Chinese.

6 dreamy tiny homes created for Disney characters
Who needs a Disney castle when you could have one of these fairytale tiny homes instead?

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