Tiny Houses Are Cool. What About a Tiny House Conference?

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From the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company to the miniscule Chinese green egg house, TreeHugger has often enthused that very small houses could be the next big thing. At least that's what organizers of the first Tiny House Conference will be hoping as they gather in Charlotte, NC in just over a weeks time. So what, exactly, will be on the menu?

News of the first Tiny House Conference comes to us via Kent Griswold of the Tiny House Blog. Organized by Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life (yes, there really are more advocates of tinyness than you would imagine out there in the world!), the conference will be a completely free one-day event, held in conjunction with The Charlotte Clean and Green Festival on the 16th of April.

The Tiny House portion of the program will include classes on tiny houses by Ryan himself, as well as information on urban chicken keeping, and regular tours of an off-grid container home. participants will also get to enjoy all the activities of the larger festival, as well as a tour of a local urban farm and garden, and an informal tiny house dinner where advocates can swap stories on, presumably, everything from teeny tiny energy bills, to tip on how to not elbow your partner in the face as you get dressed in the morning (OK, I made that last part up. But I am sure it is an important topic!):

"You can do all these things that I offer, plus they will have a full schedule of free classes on all sorts of green topics. I will be posting the class schedule in the next few classes, but rest assure there are going to be some awesome ones! There will be 100+ booths on all sorts of green /ecofriendly things. After the classes have ended we will break off from the larger festival as a Tiny House Group and will be heading to a large community garden where we will be giving a tour of the garden, the chickens, quail and an informal talk on local sustainable agriculture. If folks still have it in them we will grab dinner after and talk."