How Tiny Home Living Can Lead to a More "Creative Sex Life"

We've often looked at tiny homes from the standpoint of design, looking at great ideas that work and ones that don't. But perhaps there's one important thing we've glossed over here: how's the sex in those tiny houses?

Well, leave it to the unapologetically sex-centric Cosmopolitan to bring up this often overlooked but critical issue. After all, we assume no one wants to stop getting it on just because they've moved into a tiny home. So Beejoli Shah asks "How Do People In Tiny Homes Have Sex?" and notes that while some believe that it's not even physically possible to have sex in such a small space, she talks to some tiny house couples who frankly maintain that it is totally possible -- you just have to get creative and perhaps get intimate outside of the bed.

For example, tiny house stairs, ladders, safety handles and hammocks could be incorporated into lovemaking for different positions or support. But of course, it goes without saying that bed design is paramount; a Murphy bed might provide more space, but a loft would give more privacy. Here, one may have to really be mindful of the headroom here: it would be a real-mood killer to have your lover split their head open on the ceiling, perhaps sounding a convincing death knell for those lofts that many love to hate, yet, others contend that lowered ceilings are perfect for bracing. The key is adaptability, says Shah:

[A] variety of surfaces, like a tabletop here, or a staircase there, lend themselves well to becoming props in a creative sex life, reinforcing the concept that just because tiny homes are minimalist doesn't mean the sex has to be Spartan.
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But relationships aren't just about sex and props. It goes without saying that for couples, more intimate quarters will mean that it's necessary to develop better communication a more intimate way of relating, regardless of how the actual sex is going. Getting that foundation right is the key to everything else. Then, there's the context of choosing to live in a tiny home that may actually do away with one major cause for couples' squabbling, says Shah:

The potential of not being saddled with a crippling mortgage that traditional homes often come with is also incredibly attractive to young couples; not just for financial security, but relationship security as well. Financial troubles have long been the leading cause of divorce in America, with couples who argue about money once a week 30% more likely to get divorced than those who argue occasionally. [..] And if you partner up with someone who builds the tiny home you'll live in, there's the inordinately sexy benefit of living with someone who knows how to build things. From scratch. With their hands.
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We couldn't agree more. As we've said before, tiny living is not for everyone, but consciously downsizing, whether or not you choose to live in a tiny home -- can bring enormous financial and emotional freedom, and potentially better relationships. Having good sex in the midst of all that is just the cherry on the cake. Read the rest over at Cosmopolitan.