This Tiny Folding E-Bike Has a 45-Mile Range, and Doesn't Need to Be Pedaled

©. Weebot

The Weebot Aero completely dispenses with the need to pedal in order to get around town, and is more like a foldable sit-down electric scooter than a bicycle.

The French electric mobility company Weebot, which currently offers e-bikes, electric scooters, hoverboards, and other personal transportation devices, has recently launched a tiny folding electric bike that is said to have a range of 44 miles (70 km) and a top speed of 15 mph. The Aero is less like a bicycle than it is a two-wheeled electric sit-down scooter, because it doesn't even have pedals to drive its 12" wheels, but with its focus on combining "speed, autonomy and efficiency" into a vehicle that can fit into small storage spaces, it may be a great last-mile transport option for those who don't need a full-sized bike.

The Aero comes in two configurations, with either a 250W motor (for top speed of 15 mph) or a 500W motor (for a top speed of 22 mph), powered by a 36V Panasonic lithium ion battery, and weighing in at about 22 kg (~48 lb). For storage or (non-riding) transport, the Aero's handlebars fold inward, the saddle folds in and down, and the front wheel and handlebar assembly folds toward the rest of the frame, which is said to take about 3 seconds to do. The bike also includes a kickstand that doubles as a way to tow it behind you, thanks to the two smaller wheels on the bottom.

The Aero includes a small suspension system for both front and rear wheels, has three gears, and uses dual disc brakes on the rear for stopping power. A small LCD screen displays speed, battery status, and distance on the handlebars, and front and rear LED lights and turn signals help keep riders visible to others on the road. According to the company, the bike can carry up to 150 kg (~330 lb), and charging takes between 2.5 and 3 hours. The seat doesn't look like a bike saddle at all, but considering that riders won't be pedaling, it's more about sit-down comfort than accommodating a pair of pedaling legs.

Weebot has turned to Indiegogo to crowdfund the production of the Aero, and backers of the campaign at the $849 level will receive the 250W version (Aero Plus) sometime after August of 2017. A pledge of $949 will net backers a 500W version (Aero S), which has a higher top speed of 22 mph, but with the same range as the Plus.