Is This the Tiniest Tiny House in the World? Tiny Houses as Punk Rock (Video)

Video screen capture. Fair Companies

Fair Companies/Video screen capture

From a young man building a tiny house so he can live mortgage-free to an off-grid home built for $2,500, we've featured some pretty impressive tiny house stories on TreeHugger before.

But Derek "Deek" Diedricksen's backyard is a veritable cornucopia of tiny house ideas that he creates and sells as retreats, home offices and even primary residences. (See Relax Shacks for more details.)

tiny houses punk rock 2 photo

Fair Companies/Video screen capture

This self-described bizarrechitect may have created some of the tiniest tiny houses of them all. Using mostly reclaimed, recycled and/or sustainably harvested materials, some of his shelters are little-larger than a human body.

This really is, as "Deek" says, tiny houses as punk rock.

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