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Get tips and techniques for thrifty living and learn about the relationship between frugality and sustainability.
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Work, buy, consume and die
How Should a Treehugger Approach Black Friday?
man carrying grocery bags in a parking lot
How to Save Money at the Grocery Store, While Still Eating Well
cutting up a large bowl of fresh tomatoes
Living Sustainably on a Low Income Is Easier Than You Think
Reusable wrapping fabric from Wrappr
The 8 Best Reusable Gift Bags and Wraps of 2022
sewing kit
Bring Back the Sewing Kit
Boxes with donations
Donate, Recycle, or Toss? Problematic Trash in Your Thrift Store Donation Box
fabric scraps, scissors, and needle and thread for upcycling old fabrics into new projects
Upcycling Fabric Scraps: 10 Easy Project Ideas
bowl of tomatoes in red colander with outstretched hand holding dried tomato seeds
How to Save Tomato Seeds: Step-by-Step Instructions
Demi Skipper with hairpin
This Woman Is on Track to Trade a Hairpin for a House
hand peels away layer of gray dryer lint from dryer filter
8 Creative Uses for Dryer Lint
Sheets on a clothesline
The 7 Best Clotheslines of 2022
Friends sitting around campfire next to campervan
The Van Life: What You'll Need and How to Make It Work
woman holding baskets with clothes
The Minimalists' New Documentary Is a Decluttering Pep Talk
Young woman shopping in a vintage clothes shop
What Is a Consignment Shop?
Person drinking from cup in the back of a van
Van Life Pros and Cons
stressed businesswoman
The Minimalists' New Video Series Explores Problems Created by Consumerism
Millennial couple living in a van
How Can I Live Rent-Free?
two jelly jars next to stack of empty jelly jars and canning lids for reuse
Can You Reuse Canning Lids?
Clothes drying rack
The 7 Best Clothes Drying Racks of 2022
Kitchen sink with hanging pans
Tips For Taming the 7 Kitchen Clutter Zones
Junk mail
How to Digitize Your Life to Reduce Paper Clutter
Bedroom interior flat with Vertical Murphy Wall Bed
Transformable Furniture Maximizes Space and Sustainability
coffee pot on table
What Kind of Minimalist Are You?
Man hand holding piggy bank on wood table. Save money and financial investment
10 Mantras to Keep Your Spending in Check
reusable coffee cup vs disposable
How to Get Started with Zero Waste Living
Japanese family playing on porch
Minimalism Can Be Found Around the World
Two young women looking at clothes in a vintage clothes shop
How to Thrift Shop Like a Pro
Folding clothes and organizing stuff in boxes and baskets. Concept of tidiness, minimalist lifestyle and japanese t-shirt folding system.
A Quick Guide to Decluttering Your Home
minimalist wardrobe
Simplify Your Life With a Capsule Wardrobe
financial transaction
We Need a 'New Normal' When It Comes to Consumption
Organizing book shelf in residential building
Decluttering in a Time of COVID-19
empty shopping car against pink brick wall
What's the Difference Between Frugality and Minimalism?
A small house with pretty shade trees in front
10 Fast-Growing Shade Trees to Slash your Electric Bill
The Art of Frugal Hedonism book cover
'The Art of Frugal Hedonism' Proves That Pleasure Can Be Free (Book Review)
Old woman hanging laundry outdoors
Don't Stop Hanging Clothes Out to Dry This Winter
Small jar of sun-dried tomatoes on a wooden table
8 Cooking Liquids You Shouldn't Toss
7 Uses for Leftover Leek Leaves
hand recycles glass jars in tub
10 Ways to Improve Your Recycling
10 Uses for Parmesan Cheese Rinds
half a lemon being juiced on a citrus juicer
9 Ideas to Use Leftover Fresh Lemon Juice
Furniture at a flea market
20 Habits of Frugal People
12 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home at Almost No Cost
Early morning in downtown Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
Slow Shopping for the Modern Age
Japanese woman keeping household accounts with smart phone
Kakeibo: A Life-Changing Method for Saving Money
Buying 'Green' Won't Make You Any Happier, but Buying Less Will
Rustic farm table with buttered corn bread and crumbs
9 Uses for Leftover Corn Bread
Shower head
Shower Less to Help Save the Planet
Pouring liquid into bowl.
What to Do With Old Cooking Oil
Japanese style minimalist bedroom
Concept of “Ma” Is at the Heart of Japanese Minimalism
Black Friday advertisement
10 Alternatives to Shopping on Black Friday
'24/6: The Power of Unplugging One Day a Week' (Book Review)
How to Make Rose Water
Go Slow to Help Slow the Climate Crisis
How to Get Better at Thrift Shopping
5 Frugal Life Skills I Want to Pass on to My Kids
Nobody's Perfect, and You Don't Have to Be
3 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Anything
Stack of books and coffee mug
How a Minimalist Deals With Books and Heirlooms
How to Be a Frugal Zero Waster