Three Fresh Fall Hairstyles for Long Hair

Photo: Rocpoc/Flickr.

Most of us have precious little time or money to spend on elaborate haircuts these days, and long, wavy, undone hair is more popular than ever. Imperfect ends, self-cut bangs and ragged dying are popular hair (non)styles in the east and west villages of NYC, East London and San Francisco.

But longish unkempt hair can get a bit boring, so along with the un-haircut comes the rise of some pretty fun, usually old-fashioned looking hair-dos. Braids are hugely popular, as are topknots and updos (sometimes you've got to get your hair out of your face! (And don't forget some natural hairsprays to keep those locks in place.) A couple of these styles require practice, but once you've gotten the stlye down, it will become an easy, go-to option.


This is an especially easy way to pretty up a pony tail. Simply fasten ribbons (or in this case, long grass) into the base of your ponytail when it's first created, then use the ribbon/grass as the third strand of the braid, and fasten at the ends.

PV KS/Flickr

Topknots are a fast and easy way to deal with long hair. Though this shot is particularly arty, it shows a smooth knot, which has been fastened at the base with an elastic band, and then the resultant ponytail is then twisted around the base, and the ends fastened under the knot. This style looks great on almost every face shape and requires less than two minutes to do.


This updo starts with a ponytail (leave four sections loose around the front of your face), and requires plenty of bobby pins. Braid one piece on each side of your face, and leave the two other sections loose, then attach the bottom of each of those to the base of your ponytail. Then braid a few pieces from your ponytail and wrap them loosely around the base and fasten with bobby pins, alternating with loose, unbraided hair, until the ponytail base is covered.