This Vineyard Puts 800 Happy Ducks to Work Every Day

Runner ducks at a vineyard. YouTube Screenshot

A South African vineyard and a flock of around 700-800 ducks has a win-win situation going on. Every day, the Vergenoegd Wine Estate moves its huge flock of Indian runner ducks into the vineyards, where they spend the day feasting on slugs, snails and other pests that threaten the vines. As an added bonus, the ducks also fertilize the vineyard with their, um, leftovers.

Visitors are treated to the twice-daily parade of hundreds of ducks waddling from their pens to the vineyards where they relax and snack all day.

"This waddling workforce is essential to the farm’s pest-control, consuming a startling amount of snails and bugs on their daily patrols. The ducks are also a big part of why Vergenoegd proudly carries WWF biodiversity certification," says the winery.

The ducks have been on the estate since 1984, and an on-site breeding program keeps the flock at size.

"Having the ducks on the farm has definitely helped us by not having to use as much pesticide in our vineyards, which also allows the good bugs to live and the not-so-good ones to be eaten by the ducks," Nicole Arnold, an estate employee, told the Daily Mail.

Because one isn't enough, here is another video of the ducks heading off to work: