They've Got Wood: Woodfinder Online Lumber Search

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Got wood? With a handy resource like Woodfinder, you do. The online database helps you find "sources of lumber, veneer, plywood or laminates -- or local sawmills and sawmill services," and in addition to searching for retail, wholesale or distribution yards near you, you can also narrow it down to sustainable sources like reclaimed, salvaged, submerged and even FSC-certified.

One of the knocks on sourcing sustainable wood is that it can be dang hard to find; with something like Woodfinder, there's no reason you can't find some solid sustainable woods for your next DIY weekend, and you can even find a local mill to help you cut it up, if need be.

Maybe now you can grow you're very own urban hardwoods, start an Urban Tree Salvage knockoff that's been appearing in your dreams, or find the perfectly-patina-ed collection for your new kitchen floor. ::Woodfinder via ::materialicious