These Lunch Boxes Are for Adults

Photo: amanky/Flickr.

On those days when I don't work from home, I spend ridiculous amounts of money for some pretty mediocre food when I eat out. It's frustrating too, since I have real limitations on the types of food I can (or want) to eat. I love a great sandwich and side of veggies, but that can cost more than $10 easily, and forget about dessert. I know I can make the same meal for just a couple of bucks — and guarantee it's organic and gluten-free to boot.

So I did a bit of research to find a good quality reusable lunch carrier that didn't look like my friend's kids would carry it. I turned up the attractive sets below, in plastic, stainless steel, and glass, depending on your materials preference. Not only will you save calories and cash (after a half dozen uses of the sets below, you should break even, and then start saving money), but you'll end up creating less lunch waste too.

Laptop lunches is probably the leader in adult — and kid-friendly — lunchware. Not only are the plastic boxes made in the USA from recycled content, but they are phthalate-, BPA-, lead- and PVC-free (and recyclable at end of life). They are also endlessly adjustable, with pre-set and self-chosen insert boxes of various sizes available, so the lunchtime ingredient permutations are endless.

The stainless steel eco lunchbox will not only last forever, being made from stainless, but will look cooler with age. I think metal that's a bit dented and worn takes on a great patina, and it will keep food cooler, naturally (think about how much chillier water tastes from a stainless steel bottle, even when it's warm outside).

I almost always prefer glass for food storage at home. This set by Lock & Lock offers similar containers to those I use at home, organized for carrying in a bag designed for the purpose. If you don't have to carry your lunch too far (glass can be a bit heavy if you walk, but would be fine for a train, bike or bus commute), this is a great option.