These Goofy Glasses May Hold the Cure to Motion Sickness

Citroen's new glasses may look unusual, but their promised benefits may just win over sufferers of motion sickness. (Photo: Citroen)

When it comes to the queasy, nauseating and downright ruinous symptoms of motion sickness, most of us will try almost anything to regain our sense of equilibrium. For some, that includes sticking your head out the window, knocking back ginger pills, or giving in to the sometimes-drowsy side effects of motion sickness medicine.

Thanks to automaker Citroen, sufferers of motion sickness have a new weapon in the battle against throwing up — the bizarre and completely head-turning Seetroen glasses. Developed by French startup Boarding Ring, the liquid contained within each of the white circles simulates a virtual horizon. As soon as symptoms of motion sickness appear, putting on the Seetroen glasses can reportedly alleviate any feelings of queasiness within 10 minutes.

"An artificial horizon is created on the periphery of the visual field, without disturbing the central vision," the product site states. "The eye thus has access to the reality of the movement again, the sensory conflict disappears instantaneously and the motion sickness disappears in a few minutes."

According to Boarding Ring, 95 percent of people suffering from motion sickness will benefit from the Seetroen glasses. As shown in the launch video below, those who wish to continue reading or playing games on portable devices, even from the dreaded backseat of the car, will be able to do so without fear of nausea.

For those already shouting "Take my money!" you'll need to keep the old motion sickness remedies on standby for now. Citroen's licensed version of Boarding Room's technology quickly sold out and is not expected to be available again until December. Boarding Room, meanwhile, has preordering available for their original version with an expected ship date of December 2018.