These Creative Dogs Play Fetch by Themselves

dogs playing fetch alone CROP FOR SOCIAL. mihaifrancu/YouTube

There are plenty of ways we humans can entertain ourselves to stave off boredom, from playing games on our phones to flipping on the TV. Sometimes we can even be productive or healthy about it. But how do dogs keep themselves entertained when we humans are busy, and how do they do it in ways that don't involve destroying something expensive? There are quite a few dogs that have come up with creative ways to play solo fetch, keeping themselves happy in an endless loop of dropping and catching a ball. And admittedly, we can easily keep ourselves entertained by watching them! But of course, there's more to learn from dogs playing solo fetch than just how to make a ball roll down the stairs.

As Huffington Post UK notes:

"Three lessons we can learn from dogs:

1. How to enjoy life's simple pleasures.
2. How to be easily amused.
3. How to easily amuse ourselves."

The dogs in this video compilation above practice these lessons with flare.