There's a Jungle in Madrid's Train Station.

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It seems sustainability and well-being have finally reached non-places such as airports and train stations. We wrote about Madrid’s T4 airport extension with its fabulous bamboo roof that lets natural daylight in. If you travel by train (the treehugger way to go), the Spanish capital doesn’t let you down either.

They decided to grow a jungle in the main train station called Atocha, just down the road from el Prado Museum. The architect Rafael Moneo’s idea for the latest extension of the station was to make waiting more comfortable. So he decided to convert the old building into a moist and tropical greenhouse. Having been there myself I can only say it works; it's breathtakingly beautiful and leaves you all mellowed out. This covered jungle stretches out around 4.000 m2 and inhabits more than 500 species amongst which you can find carnivorous plants, goldfish and turtles. Just make sure you don’t miss the train once you venture into the jungle to enjoy the green and spot some birds. ::Atocha Train Station