There Probably Won't Be a Blobfish Cafe

two blobfish in situ

Rachel Caauwe / Creative Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

The fish that was once bestowed the title of "world's ugliest animal" is getting its very own London cafe — at least according to the Internet.

A mysterious new website claims that next summer East London will be getting the world’s very first blobfish café, an impressive feat considering the blobfish has rarely even been photographed alive because it lives so deep in the ocean.

The café will supposedly house three blobfish named Lorcan, Barry, and Lady Swift, which people can observe as they dine or sip their drinks. The construction of the animals’ tank is already underway, according to the website.

If that’s true and the café owners manage to get their hands on the fish, it would likely be the very first aquarium to house a living specimen.

Callum Roberts, a marine biologist at the University of York, recently told Mashable that he’s unaware of any aquariums with blobfish.

"I'm very skeptical about any of this," he said. "As with any deep-sea species, it's quite difficult to get them to survive. It takes a great deal of specialist skill to keep deep-sea creatures in an aquarium... I would question whether it's all a prank."

Blobfish are found off the coast of Australia at depths of between 2,000 feet and 4,000 feet where the pressure is 120 times higher than it is on the surface. This pressure is what gives blobfish such a dramatically different appearance when they're photographed out of water.

Blobfish don’t really have skeletons or muscles, so they appear rather saggy — and quite Ziggy-like — in appearance up here, but down below, they simply look like fish. In their natural habitat, they’d look something like this.

So unless the Blobfish Café is displaying dead blobfish, Lorcan, Barry, and Lady Swift wouldn’t look anything like the illustration on the café’s website.'s illustration of blobfish
's illustration of blobfish.

Still, people seem quite taken with the concept of a blobfish café — the café’s Twitter account has already amassed nearly 20,000 followers. Meanwhile, @BlobFishCafe only follows one account — that of Simon Mignolet, a Belgian athlete who plays soccer for Liverpool and is not known to possess a particular affinity for rare deep-sea fish.