Is There BPA in That Food Packaging? Now You Can Find Out

A new searchable database makes it easy to find out which if food packaging is made with BPA, which some experts say is a hormone disrupter. . (Photo: AlenKadr/shutterstock)

By now it should come as no surprise that many processed foods come in packaging that contains bisphenol-A or BPA. It's a chemical that's used, among other things, to line food packaging to keep it from corroding. Some experts believe BPA acts like a hormone in the body, according to WebMD. It also has been linked to other possible health problems, including cancer, obesity, asthma, behavior issues and heart disease.

BPA is found in a variety of packaging. EWG says the chemical can be found in the linings or lids of "glass jars for baby food, pickles, jelly, salsa and other condiments; aerosol cans for whipped toppings and non-stick sprays; bottles and tins of cooking oil; aluminum beverage cans, coffee cans and even beer kegs."

Some food manufacturers are beginning to listen to consumers and are removing BPA from packaging. Earlier this year, Campbell's announced that after four years of testing hundreds of alternatives, it will remove the BPA from about 75 percent of its soup cans by the end of this year and will continue to remove the chemical from other products over time.

However, there are still thousands of products on the market packaged with BPA, and the Environmental Working Group has created a searchable database that allows consumers to easily find nearly 16,000 processed foods and drinks packaged in materials that may contain BPA. The information came from the companies that make and sell the products.

This searchable database is part of EWG's Food Scores, an in-depth tool that looks at more than 80,000 grocery store foods, scoring them on nutrition, ingredients and processing. In addition to all the information on line, there's a Food Scores app so the information in the tool is available at your fingertips, particularly when you're in the grocery store.