The 40 Year Lightbulb: Firefly LED Lights Cut Energy Costs 90%

Firefly LED
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© Firefly LED
Imagine not having to change a lightbulb for the next 40 years, as well as being able to cut your electricity costs for lighting in your house by 90%. Now imagine that when you actually do need to change a lightbulb, you only need to replace a tiny LED inside the lightbulb, with virtually nothing to discard or recycle. That's what could happen if you installed the new Firefly LED bulbs in place of incandescent or CFL bulbs.

Firefly LED, in Austin, Texas, makes a full range of "Smart LED" bulbs that can directly replace conventional bulbs (needs no special fixtures) in residential and commercial buildings. These bulbs feature a large heat-sink surrounding the unit, which moves heat away from the bulb and reduces the temperature by 32%, thereby prolonging the life of the bulb. Along with the heat-sink, the company's patent-pending driver technology allows for an efficient and functional bulb, capable of being dimmed down to just 5%.

Here's Beth Buczynski with EarthTechling, talking to the founder and CEO of Firefly LED, Steve Amstel, about his company's bulbs:

Firefly LED costs

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From the spec sheets, it looks as if the cost for the Firefly LED bulbs begin at about $35 (for the Starfly PAR20), which is a serious investment for a lightbulb. But if their figures are correct, then the payback for them could be just a few months, with continued savings on electricity for many years.

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