The TreeHouse Workshop of Seattle

TreeHouse Workshop of Seattle
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If you want to live out your childhood fantasy of moving into your treehouse (and preferably seceding from the family), but a couple of planks slapped together with some rusty nails isn't going to cut it, you'll want to give the able carpenters of TreeHouse Workshop a ring.

The Seattle-based company, which employs seven lead builders, crafts 10 to 15 modern and sophisticated tree-top abodes each year, some outfitted with bathrooms, fireplaces, second stories, and suspension bridges.

Using mostly with reclaimed wood and recycled materials, from the flooring and doors to the paneling and windows, the company uses primarily recovered lumber and timber from old homes, as well as salvaged building products from Second Use Building Materials in Seattle.

"Our eco-friendly approach is to work with as many reclaimed materials as possible," said Jake Jacob, TreeHouse Workshop's co-founder. "It's not too difficult to make use of reclaimed or wonderful found materials that others don't want to use."

Little Timmy's Club House these sure ain't. :: The Seattle Times