The Smoke-Free, Nicotine-Free and Now Organic Swedish Snuff

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"Snus" or snuff is popular in Sweden and Norway. It's considered perfectly polite and socially acceptable to insert a small snuff packet in between lip and gum while you are sitting at a dinner table with friends or waiting in line for the tram. (Luckily unlike 'dip' or chewing tobacco - also originally a Swedish import! - in America, Swedish snuff doesn't make you need to spit.)

Swedes think snus is a good way to get a nicotine fix at bars, restaurants, movie theaters and other public venues (airline flights!) where smoking cigarettes and pipes has long been forbidden. Snuff delivers a quick jolt of nicotine to the bloodstream as it has more nicotine by weight than cigarettes. Now Big Tobacco is releasing snus to the U.S. market. But snuff shares cigarettes' environmental and health problems. So if snus is coming to U.S. shores, could the snus alternative be far behind?

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Regular snus comes in packets made of tea-bag material and filled with air-dried tobacco that has been mixed with water, salt and flavorings, and it is enjoyed by more than 10 percent of the Swedish population. Because more and more U.S. cities are banning smoking in most public places, Philip Morris and RAI have introduced and are starting to intensively market snus in the U.S.

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Meanwhile, to help Swedes get off of snus, various formulations of herbs and flavorings have been devised, including ginseng, carrot and/or apple fibers and green tea, and in some cases, cornstarch. Choice's new Smokey flavored no-tobacco snuff is the only one thus far to advertise itself as also organic, with the Swedish KRAV certification. While choice is keeping a lid thus far on its exact formulation, the company assures that the new no-tobacco snuff can help wean people from a nicotine addiction, and (oh big plus!) doesn't promote tooth decay. If snuff gets to be as big as chewing tobacco in the U.S. it might not be long before an herbal equivalent like Choice arrives. Via: Choice (Swedish only)