The Original Dog-Powered Scooter

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We spend a lot of time ballyhooing the growth of alternative energy. From wind to sun to biofuels, we love it all; just yesterday we had not one, but two posts about creating your own electromagnetic energy. So we're pleased as punch to announce an all-new entrant into the wonderful world of alternative, renewable fuels: dog power.

That's right, thanks to "The Original Dog Powered Scooter," the power of our canine friends can now be harnessed to help us get around. Based on the premise that you and your dog are both going to the same place, the scooter/harness combination reinvents any previous attempts to harness the power of man's best friend by having the dog push rather than pull (on a leash, sled, etc.). This puts the steering and braking control in the hands of the rider, making it much safer for crowded urban sidewalks and bike paths.

The outrigger keeps the slobbering powerplant in one place, and its location on the right side of the scooter keeps your engine-with-a-tail away from traffic, automobile or otherwise. The scooter is customizable for one to three dogs, which brings to mind a new sport sure to sweep the world: urban dog mushing. We can see it now... join the revolution, and purchase your very own.