The Most Compact Urban Folding Bike Ever

Migrated Image

Yes, that's a full-sized bicycle in there.

Innovations in folding bikes have helped urban cyclists cram their vehicles into tiny apartments for years now--and the designs keep getting better and better, and smaller and smaller. And this new folding bike concept by Victor Aleman may take the cake--as you may or may not be able to tell, even the wheels fold up on this bad boy. More pics after the jump.


From Tuvie:

The compactable bicycle concept was driven from the need of boosting urban space efficiency when it is not in use or being transported. The wheel is made of six modules, each with double pivot in their joints, allowing the wheel to be folded and become smaller.

So let's just take a look at how this wheel breaks down here:


Start with the wheel . . .


Relax the spokes . . .


The wheel itself has joints designed for folding, as Aleman explains:

The Wheel is composed by six modules, each one has a double pivot in the joints, this allows the wheel to fold and become smaller ...
... the spokes are contained in the inner structure of the wheel, when you unfold the system, the spokes rotate to the center of the mechanism where it attaches to the center of the wheel.

Voila. A stack of wheel. Next up, the body of the bike collapses too:


According to Aleman, "The double triangle structure is composed by expandable modules, each one collapses to a smaller dimension and then this modules align by the rotation of the axis in the joint of the structure ..."


"... to keep in position all the structure is used an special part in a form of an X that aligns all the modules to their position." And so, you get this tiny little bundle of bike here:

Migrated Image

Seems like it would take a chunk of time to collapse the whole thing, but the storage possibilities are limitless. And here's what the thing looks like when you're not breaking it down: