The Many Torrents of the Epupa Falls Create Rainbows of Color

In the photographer's words: 'The Epupa Falls originated from the Kunene River, in the enchanting north-western part of Namibia.'. Ennio Vanzan/Flickr/MNN Photo Pool

The tumbling water of the Kunene river

Photographer Ennio Vanzan writes, "An impressive sight. It seemed that the land and water getting mixed up in a whirlwind of sounds and lights, and the good fortune to arrive at a time when the direction of the sun was favorable to the formation of the rainbow!"

Equally as impressive is the fact that there is such a stunning set of waterfalls in an otherwise arid place. The Kunene region of Namibia is quite dry and the Kunene river is one of the few perennial rivers, the flow of which is determined each year by seasonal weather conditions. It is also a major tourist attraction, pulling in people who not only want to visit the river, but who enjoy four-wheeling along some of the most rugged "roads" around.