The $75K Green Mobile Home

Back in January I covered the buzz surrounding the Clayton i-house, a manufactured home with green features that was just entering the marketing phase with sticker prices rumored to be in the ballpark of $100,000. What I find most intriguing about Clayton's i-house is the (some would say risky) notion that the mostly blue-collar manufactured home market will readily embrace (read: shell out for) a decidedly upscale mobile home with green features.

As Preston over at Jetson Green reports, this past weekend the i-house was officially launched and priced (not too far off from the original estimates), bringing us one step closer to finding out whether the concept of eco-friendly mobile home living will sink or swim.

The Clayton i-house is available is in two sizes at two different price points: The 723 square-foot, one bed/one bath i-house I starts at $74,900. The 1,023 square-foot, two bed/one bath i-house II starts at $93,000. Both homes can be configured in at least seven different ways and include eco-friendly and energy-saving features like low-e windows, dual-flush toilets, butterfly style rainwater-collecting roofs, tight insulation, zero-VOC paint, and more. Not included are optional bells and whistles like solar panels, bamboo flooring, etc. and the cost of shipping the prefabricated home to the placement site.

As mentioned in my previous post, there are elements working for (the trend towards around small/prefab homes, an unstable mortgage market) and against (the whole mobile home/trailer park/blue-collar vs. green design thing) the i-house. How do you think a 75K green mobile home will fare?

Via [Jetson Green]

Images: Clayton Homes