The Incredible Vulnerability of Our Food System, and What Can Be Done About It (Video)

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Back in 2008, the UK's Chief Scientist warned that the food crisis would hit us long before climate change, and the UN has just warned that food prices could rise 45% in the coming decade. Our food system is incredibly vulnerable to disruption from fuel shortages or price hikes, strikes, natural disasters, wars or any number of other problems. But how did it get this way, and what can be done to fix it?The video below is part of Voices of the Transition, an ongoing documentary project mapping the global Transition movements' efforts to build a more resilient, sustainable and ultimately more rewarding model for feeding and fueling ourselves, and for living our lives. It paints a pretty stark picture of just how vulnerable our food system is right now (the footage of the world's largest food market alone was disturbing, to say the least), but crucially it also gives inspiring glimpses of people who are hell bent on changing the status quo.

It features, among others, my friend and teacher Mike Feingold whose amazing permaculture allotment tour proved so popular on TreeHugger last year, as well as Rob Hopkins, originator of the Transition concept. As Rob says, it's important we start telling ourselves stories of how we get from where we are to where we want to go. This movie looks like it could be a good start.

Voices of the Transition - Trailer (english) from milpa films on Vimeo.