The Hexayurt: Efficient Emergency Shelter

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Two Yurt articles on Treehugger in one day? On the heels of Lloyd's admittal that Yurt design is an impressive achievement, we have to bring you the Hexayurt. A Hexayurt is an emergency structure which is cheap, self-contained and easily packed for transportation. Hexayurts cost only$200-500 plus another $100 to add a utility package for water decontamination, communal composting toilets and solar power. Based on work done at the Rocky Mountain Institute, a Hexayurt village is intended to replace all the infrastructure which might be damaged after a major disaster such as an earthquake or flood--in other words, it is an autonomous building suitable for a family.To envision the concept, check out the short overview of the Hexayurt in presentation format. The Hexayurt shown here is the medium, 6-footer. The Hexayurt is also available in small and large sizes (41 - 166 sq.ft.), and can be expanded to a 12-foot height by stacking the side structures. The Hexayurt is open source: anyone is encouraged to develop a similar yurt from materials available and to meet the needs of pending or developing disaster.