8 of the Happiest Dogs in the World

Andy really, really loves this squeaky toy. paintborg/YouTube

There are few things in life happier than a happy dog. It doesn't matter if it's because they hear you pull into the driveway after work or if they find something particularly smelly to roll around on in the backyard; if a dog is happy you are going to know about it. You can see them just vibrate with pure unfiltered joy, as if they can't believe that life can be this good.

Thanks to the ubiquity of cameras and the internet, there are scores of videos of supremely happy canines just waiting to be found. To save you a little time, I spent my day wading through the river of adorable and picked out eight of the happiest dogs online. Enjoy!

National Guardsman comes home

There is an entire subset of happy dog videos showing happy pups greeting their soldier-owners back from tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is one of my favorites in that genre. For what it lacks in length it more than makes up for in passion. Gracie the dog nearly wags herself out after realizing that her owner, Capt. Andrew Schmidt of the U.S. National Guard, is home. This video became so popular when it first appeared online that the "Today" show did a piece on it.

Whines and cuddles for Air Force captain home from Afghanistan

This is another dog-welcomes-soldier-home video, this time starring Molly the golden retriever. Molly is not content to share the attention of her owner as she greets her in the airport. You can almost hear the relief in Molly's whines as she snuggles up next to her owner.

Birthday balloons are for popping

Bunk the dog is a lucky dog. On his second birthday, Bunk's owner fills his apartment with balloons and lets him loose to wreak toothy havoc on them. The results are total canine chaotic bliss.

Will do laps for squeaky toy

This video beautifully illustrates the exuberance of a happy dog and his toy. Andy the dog makes the most of his small suburban backyard by ripping laps in well-worn loops after his owner throws out his little plastic squeaky fishy toy. A running dog is usually a happy dog. Throw in a squeaky toy and you have a happy, emotionally fulfilled dog.

The Doberman and the slide

This Doberman’s life changed dramatically on the day it figured out she could slide down the water slide into the pool. Dobermans are known for having a lot of energy and this looks like a great way for her to burn off the miles. The owner posted in YouTube that "she enjoys the pool more than I do." Make sure to watch this one all the way through to catch the dog's reaction to a change in water flow. She chases it.

Happy dog. Big tongue.

This dog is the picture of contentment. He's perfectly happy to sit there panting, waiting for its owner to throw him something to retrieve. No hurries; he's a dog. A good dog.

Husky loves leaves

This husky is having as much fun in a gigantic pile of leaves as any kid — maybe even more so because of the speed at which he can plow through them.

Bull terrier spins with glee


This little guy can't stand it when he gets off the elevator with his dad. He spins one way, then pauses. Then spins the other way and stops. Then does it again.

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