'The Green Project': New Orleans Salvaging Building Materials

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Image: Chris Branan, Tubs, The Green Project, New Orleans, Louisiana 2005

Rebuilding New Orleans in a economical and environmentally sustainable way has been discussed on TreeHugger before.

The Green Project is a sustainable local New Orleans initiative that salvages building materials and sells it on cheaply to those who are rebuilding their homes. By deconstructing by hand rather than demolishing buildings, they are able to conserve valuable resources and keep recovered materials out of landfills. The salvaged materials are then recycled into new building materials, many of which are irreplaceable such as architectural elements, hardware, and old growth lumber, these are then used to repair and rebuild damaged homes. Right now The Green Project is looking for volunteers to help sort, organize, mix, and process paint for their upcoming paint drive on March 24th. Check out craigslist for the full details.


Image: from the Washington Post

The Green Project runs Recycle for the Arts (R4A), a storefront supplying low-cost art supplies to the community, including schools, galleries and non-profit groups. Their mission is to promote creative recycling and reuse in the community, support the arts, and educate the public through events and workshops based on creating art from reused materials.

To get involved you could:
1. volunteer your time
2. donate art supplies or recycle your rubbish
3. donate equipment or money
4. involve yourself in events such as green gardening workshops.
5. find and support a similar organisation in your area.

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