The Ecopak: Moulded, Printed, Biodegradable Paper-Based Packaging

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We're big fans of packaging done right, and we really hate packaging done wrong. It's no wonder then that we were intrigued when Mark Appleford of Varden contacted us about their new Ecopak packaging solution that "combines elements of pulp paper thermoforming with a specialized printing technology to create highly original and sustainable packaging." According to Mark, the process uses recycled paper and cardboard pulp, but is finished to the same standard as regular cardboard. Printing and moulding is also finished in one end-to-end process. Mark lists the sustainability benefits to include:
1. The packaging is both recyclable and suitable for manufacture from recycled materials.

2. The pack can combine internal cushioning elements with the external pack, into one, completely biodegradable whole.

3. Post industrial waste can also be used:- Varden is already experimenting with spent barley grain from whisky production to use in the manufacture of whisky boxes.

4. The single in-line process avoids complications of conventional packaging manufacture, where cardboard may be made in one place, shipped to another for printing, and then another for folding.

5. The machinery and plant itself is extremely compact, which allows for plant-in-plant installs, within the factory making the product, further reducing transport.

6. The process can create fluid shapes, which modern brand designers love for perfume bottles and alcohol brands, so it competes with plastic and tin packaging, more than it does folded board, thus giving it an even greater edge in terms of sustainability

7. Offers a truly Cradle-to-Cradle packaging solution.

By the sounds of things, Varden is already talking to some major players in the manufacturing world about their technology. Anyone interested in more information should contact Mark via the email given on their website.

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