The Diva Cup: Feel Like a Goddess

diva cup menstrual cup photo
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A search for the Diva Cup in TreeHugger archives reveals that TreeHugger readers rave about this product, most recently in a post on how to make your own pad, but it has not been given fair time with its own review. We have mentioned the Mooncup and The Keeper, two similar products. So to rectify the oversight, please meet the Diva Cup.The Diva Cup is made from medical grade silicon, which is safe even for allergic people. It avoids the risks of dioxin, which has been found in tampons that are bleached, and which accumulates in the body causing carcinogenic and other toxic effects. And there are no known cases of toxic shock syndrome associated with its use.

The Diva cup can be used even during extreme sports with equal or better security than is offered by tampons. The cup holds 1 liquid ounce, while the average menstruation is between 1 and 1.4 ounces. It must be removed and rinsed or washed at least every twelve hours, so most women find that the cup is never full.

With the Diva Cup, there is no solid waste. Campers can bury the residue in a leave-no-traces hole and nothing unnatural is left behind. Travelers can clean the cup with a dry or damp tissue on occasions when running water is not accessible, as long as it is removed and washed at the next opportunity. And if you have a house pet, you will appreciate that you no longer accumulate wastes of, shall we say, special interest. And the best part: you will never spend money on disposable tampons or pads again.

The Diva Cup is now being distributed throughout Europe as well.