The Carpeted Kenmore

The fridge can be a bit more efficient with some help from the floor. (Photo: Kapustin Igor/Shutterstock)

Since innocuous iceboxes are the most flagrant household energy guzzlers — they consume about 8 percent of a home’s electricity, to be exact — I’ve given them a good amount of coverage (don’t think you’re out of the woods yet, washing machine).

I’ve reported on folks giving their refrigerators the cold shoulder by living without them. A fridge-free existence obviously isn’t for everyone, so I’ve shared 10 easy ways to make your fridge more frosty and energy-efficient like cleaning the coils and keeping foods wrapped and liquids covered. Here’s a candidate for number 11 although it’s more novel than easy.

The folks over at Treehugger picked up on this interesting bit of energy-saving advice from Stephen and Rebekah Hren’s book, "Carbon-Free Home: 36 Remodeling Projects to Help Kick the Fossil-Fuel Habit" (Amazon $35).

Insulate the exterior of your refrigerator with carpeting.

Well, not really. In the book, the authors suggest covering the exterior of a refrigerator with insulation board. To take it up a notch, they recommend covering the insulation board with carpet or corkboard. Here’s how to do it in four easy steps.

1. Secure insulation board to the top and sides of the fridge.

2. Place carpet or corkboard over the panels.

3. Don't put insulation board on the doors.

4. Cover the doors with carpet or corkboard.

Voila! Behold a furry, energy-efficient fridge. And since the green blogosphere works in serendipitous ways, just yesterday Re-Nest listed 10 ways to reuse old carpet scraps.

Has anyone tried this out themselves?