The 'Boring' Diet Luke Evans Embraced to Become a Ripped Dracula

Luke Evans as Dracula. (Photo: "Dracula Untold").

If you're going to become a ripped Hollywood action hero, it's clear by now that the diet you need to get there is not going to be tasty, enjoyable or otherwise convenient. From Hugh Jackman's physical evolution as Wolverine to Henry Cavill's transformation into the Man of Steel, becoming a physical character takes both dedication, mental discipline, and many, many months of arduous training. And as Luke Evans will tell you, it's also damn miserable.

The 35-year-old star of "Dracula Untold" recently shared the rigorous diet and workout program he embraced to take on the role of Vlad Tepes; the 13th century warrior who terrified Eastern Europe and served as the inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula. A self-described foodie, Evans says the hardest part for him was avoiding empty calories.

"I love my food and I like wine and it's really tough," he told UK Men's Health. "What I miss most is alcohol. When everyone is having a drink and you can't it stops you going out as much. Booze is a nightmare for empty calories and you can't train the day after. Socialising and enjoying a night out – not doing that is the hard bit."

While "Dracula Untold" features several scenes of semi-nudity for Evans, the actor says that looking good on film wasn't as important as honoring the physicality of the character.

"He was a warrior," Evans told Comic Book Resources. "He went into battle. He wasn’t one of those that sent his men to battle. He was in the frontlines. He was a very active, physical leader. I, and so did the creative team, want for him to look correct out of his clothes."

Evans described his diet to Men's Fitness as extremely restrictive, saying that even the protein shakes were all diet versions. "No sauces, no creams, no breads, no pastas, just very clean food. Incredibly boring. It just gets dull after a while. But you know you need to do that when you're attaining a certain look. And it was about keeping the body fat low."

As for supplements, Evans added that he took the all-natural route - consuming loads of vegetable juices, vitamins, and water.

If you're curious for the details on both the diet and workout, you can see the regimen used by Evans' stunt-double Marlow Warrington-Mattei to achieve a mirror look. Interestingly, it involved an intermittent fasting schedule - with no eating between the hours of 9pm and 1pm. "It took getting used to but the body fat was coming off at ridiculous speed," he said.

"Dracula Untold" hits theaters October 10th. Check out a trailer below.