The Argument for Buying Domestic Over Foreign

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The American auto industry has gotten a bad wrap over the years, and justly so in many ways. While a lot of negative responses continue to circulate around the Big Three, their Bailout, and their past inferior vehicles, they have actually risen above this ridicule and at the very least deserve a second look.

While a lot of consumers may be hesitant to purchase a vehicle from any manufacturer who is talking the possibility of bankruptcy, you should know that they are obligated to their warranty coverage no matter what happens to them. It is a binding contract from both sides of the pen. And while a lot of consumers are under the dilution that the foreign manufacturers are doing that much better than the American manufacturers, in truth they are also beginning to feel the pinch of the recession and have been asking for their own brand of bailout from their government.

Quality Rivals Japan
The Japan manufacturer has enjoyed being the top dogs for many years among the consumer ratings and ranking. However a very unsuspecting competitor has risen from the depths of gas guzzling SUVs and has begun to rival Japan's quality, reliability, safety, and environmental friendliness... the domestics. In fact, both the Chevrolet Malibu and Ford Fusion are ranked right along with the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry according to U.S.News. Aside from these, J.D. Power and Associates second this praise, rating American brands as equivalent to such heavy hitters as Audi, Acura, BMW, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz in overall quality.

Yes, and Domestics are Becoming Green too
The Big Three have come a long way from the gas guzzlers of yesterday and in fact each of them has an electric car on the drawing table. Chevy has their Volt, Chrysler has their Circuit, and Ford their Project M. While these vehicles will be the most worthwhile to wait for, seeing the likes of them as early as 2010/2011, their current line of vehicles is not as polluting as some consumers may think. The Ford Fusion Hybrid is not a bad choice at 41 mpg and $3,400 tax credits to its name.

Finally, They are offering Record Incentives
All manufacturers are offering their own brand of incentives at the moment to boost vehicle sales, but nobody is trying as hard as the Big Three to win back the acceptance of the public. Currently, Ford, Chrysler, and GM are bending over backwards to get new customers, offering zero-percent financing, and up to $3,500 cash-back on some of their most popular models.

Okay, so what is the argument against?

Source: U.S. News