Thanksgiving Leftovers: A Roundup of Past Thanksgiving Day Stories

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Some flashes from the past in TreeHugger:

What Astronauts Will Eat For Thanksgiving on Mars

The future may look very much like the past.

Wired describes the work of NASA's Advanced Food Technology Project, which is developing menus for a manned mission to Mars, noting that "Interplanetary travel will require a more sophisticated system than ever before for preserving and packaging meals, as well as a way to grow food during the trip." They suggest that meals will be meatless, and that Veggie Loaf will be the main course, like it was in World War II when meat was rationed.

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How to Go Green: Thanksgiving Day

Our old How to Go Green series from 2008 doesn't transfer well to our current page design, but the information in it does:

With all the planning, cooking, and cleaning, the last thing you want to think about is greening your Thanksgiving, right? But this is the perfect time to reflect and reassess your holiday preparations with a nod to sustainability.

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This chef pulled a rabbit out of a grease fire, demonstrating why 59% of kitchen fires start on ranges or cooktops

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How Not to Waste a Thanksgiving Meal with a Kitchen Fire

Sensible tips. What else can one say?

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), over three times as many families will have their day ruined by a cooking fire on Thanksgiving than on an average day. Between 2005 and 2009, fires related to cooking equipment caused 390 deaths, 4800 injuries, and $771 million in property damage. On any day, that can only be counted as a terrible waste. But on Thanksgiving, with cooks intensely preparing the feast while large numbers of family (including children) and guests gather about, it is a recipe for real tragedy.

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turkey facts

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7 Shocking Facts About Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Well really, one shocking fact, and a link to six more.

How differently things would have been for the beleaguered turkey had Benjamin Franklin gotten his way. Franklin proposed the turkey as the official national bird, and was dismayed when the bald eagle was chosen instead. “The turkey is a much more respectable bird, and withal a true original of America," he wrote.

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A Healthy Thanksgiving Begins in a Green Kitchen

Cookprint? That's a term we haven't seen before.

Before you begin preparing this month's Thanksgiving feast, let's take a magnifying glass (with a sustainable lens, of course) through the scullery and uncover a few ways to make the most popular room of the house the greenest, cleanest and safest. After all, our cookprint isn't calculated by just counting the foods we consume, but by considering the total environmental impact of creating a meal, from the farm to the plate, and every step in between.

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On Moving Toward Vegetarianism: Thanksgiving

TreeHugger had a long series, On Moving Toward Vegetariansm, written by Kelly Rossiter, who I am married to, so I find this post particularly close to home. This was a lovely post about the frictions that can happen on Thanksgiving, particularly if you are a vegetarian going to a family turkey dinner.

It was illustrated with a wonderful slacker version of Norman Rockwell's iconic Thanksgiving painting, taken from; it's by artist Tristan Elwell and copyright and I have removed it, but you can see the whole thing here.

We are, of course, products of our families, but tensions can occur when we move away from the professed family ideal. The intensely emotional events that draw the larger family together such as marriages and funerals happen only occasionally, but Thanksgiving with your nearest and dearest comes around every year. Not conforming to the family ideal can be a massive issue and a real cause of friction in the family.

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