Teslas Completed 70% of Taxi Rides at Amsterdam Airport

©. Tesla Motors

This is where electric cars really come into their own.

There's a strong case to be made that private car ownership is an inefficient use of resources, even if those cars are electric. But it's hard to imagine a world in the near future where cars cease to exist entirely.

That's why taxis, in particular, are an area where electrification should be prioritized. Not least because they travel many more miles per vehicle per year than an average privately owned vehicle that sits idle for much of the day. That's why it's good to hear via Electrek that Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam completed 70% of the 1 million taxi rides taken from the airport in fully electric Teslas.

The reason why electric taxis—alongside their even cooler counterparts the electric buses—are so important is that electric vehicles, generally, have higher emissions associated from manufacturing than old school fossil fuel vehicles do. While electric cars are greener than gas cars, even when privately owned, they really start to come into their own if you can squeeze more miles out of each individual vehicle—thus diluting the manufacturing emissions over many more passenger miles.

Additionally, the low operating costs and lack of maintenance make them an ideal contender for commercial drivers for whom profit margins are often tight. From plug-in black cabs to Uber phasing out gas and diesel cars in the UK, this won't be the last we hear of electrification of commercial passenger vehicles.

Let's just hope they don't kill transit in the process.