Tesla Says It Will Supercharge Europe!

Screen capture. Tesla

Europe looks like it has chickenpox

We're closing in on the second anniversary of the unveiling by Tesla of its Supercharger technology ("Drive for Free. Forever. On Sunlight."), and in that time things have gotten very real. Many companies will try to make a big media splash for things that they aren't even close to releasing (for example, Google is often guilty of this), but Tesla is exactly the opposite. Ever since the announcement, they've been building out their network at a breakneck pace, reaching 100 stations last Spring and the next big milestone of 200 should happen very soon (they're at 192 stations worldwide, according to the company's own numbers -- 63 in Europe, 112 in North-America, and 17 in Asia).

Tesla Supercharger network

© Tesla

Until recently, the Supercharger map for Europe had big empty areas without red dots. Some European Tesla owners and would-be owners complained (gently) that the company wasn't doing enough to bring the massive jolt the Supercharger can deliver them to. Well, that's a thing of the past now. The company has released an updated map showing its plans for Europe (see above), and it's impressive. The continent looks like it has a bad case of chickenpox, but in a good way!

Here's a Supercharger map of Europe from earlier this year:

Tesla Supercharger stations map

© Tesla

As a point of comparison, here are the Supercharger stations that are currently operational in Europe:

Tesla Supercharger map Europe 2014

Tesla/Screen capture

Here's what Tesla says is "coming soon" (that probably means under construction):

Tesla Supercharger map Europe 2014 coming soon

Tesla/Screen capture

And here's what is planned for the 2014-2015 winter (notice how Norwegians will be able to drive way North on Super-juice):

Tesla Supercharger map Europe 2014-2015 winter

Tesla/Screen capture

And the 2015 map is the first one at the top of this article. Talk about rapid progress!

Below is what the Supercharger network in North-America should look like in 2015:

Tesla Supercharger map North America 2015

Tesla/Screen capture

And here are the company's 2015 plans for the Asia-Pacific region:

Tesla Supercharger map Asia 2015

Tesla/Screen capture

Via Tesla Motors