Tesla Making Car Sharing a Whole Lot Easier

©. Tesla

In the future, any Tesla you drive will automatically adjust to you.

When we talk about new electric cars, we often focus on hardware and performance improvements like battery size/range or design features like the sleek minimalism of the Tesla Model 3.

But that may be about to change.

Alongside these very real physical innovations, the new breed of electric car is also delivering major improvements in terms of software and user experience. Specifically, as Autoblog Green reports, Tesla is ushering in several new innovations that will make car sharing a whole lot easier.

Whether it's using your smartphone as a replacement for a traditional key fob, or eventual full automation that will allow your car to go do Uber/Lyft-style driving for you when you don't need it, many of these features have been discussed in detail before. But Elon Musk just announced another significant step in a response to a question on twitter:

This feels like a significant step toward a more sophisticated approach to car sharing. As someone who regularly (and unreasonably) gets frustrated at having to adjust my mirrors when my spouse has driven my car, I suspect that the small frustrations of adjusting seats/mirrors or resetting navigation systems/radio stations, etc. would be enough to put many people off of sharing their car with others.

This, however, should remove many of those inconveniences and make formal and informal car sharing a whole lot more practical. Now if Tesla could also include a feature that cleans out old receipts and half empty packets of gum...