TerraTrike Adds 750W Electric Assist to Its Rambler Recumbent Trike

A leading recumbent trike company is launching an electric assist version of one its popular models, with the new E.V.O. offering a 60-mile range per charge.

Since its founding in 1996, Michigan's TerraTrike has been providing human-powered vehicles in a bid to be "part of the solution," and has grown to be the largest producer of recumbent trikes in the US, with five models of emissions-free cycles for sale. But its newest model promises something a bit more electrifying, as the company is adding an e-trike to its line, with an estimated 60-mile electric assist range.

For the average person, a recumbent bike might seem like a bit of an oddball thing to ride, probably because most of us have grown up riding an upright two-wheeler, not a short bike that you sit down to pedal, but for those who suffer from back or joint pain when riding a conventional bicycle, a recumbent is the answer to getting back spinning some wheels again, and when a third wheel is added to the design, as in a recumbent trike, these low-riding cycles offer increased stability as well. Taking it one step further, an electric assist drivetrain on a trike can help even out the hills and add miles to every ride, and with its new Rambler E.V.O., TerraTrike is looking to set a higher benchmark for the e-trike sector.

TerraTrike Rambler EVO

The E.V.O. is based on the company's popular Rambler recumbent trike, and uses a 750W 5-phase electric hub motor from Falco eMotors in the rear wheel, coupled with a 36V 11.6Ah Panasonic lithium-ion battery pack, which together are said to be capable of a 60-mile range. The trike's "smart" charger will top off the depleted battery pack in about two hours, and the battery pack is rated for about 1000 recharge cycles.

TerraTrike Rambler EVO

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"The E.V.O. represents the next step for recumbents – getting our customers out for longer rides, taking the overall triking experience to a new level." - Jeff Yonker, marketing director at TerraTrike
TerraTrike Rambler EVO

According to the company, the use of a 5-phase electric motor in the E.V.O. is a first in the e-trike industry, and will offer riders plenty of power, torque, and efficiency in a quiet compact package. The price of the forthcoming model, which is expected to be available at the end of July 2017, also looks to be right on the money, as the MSRP is right in line with that of other quality e-bikes at just $3000.

This e-trike, which the company has been developing for the last two years, also includes a couple of features that will come in handy for the recumbent rider, such as a "crawl" mode for getting the trike moving from a dead stop, a reverse mode for backing the trike up, and a regenerative braking mode for recouping some battery capacity during long downhills.

"The beauty of this trike is that you simply turn it on and ride. We’ve figured out the ideal torque setting and assist level so that it’s very predictable and optimized for assistance and range – up to 60 miles on a charge. However, if you want to tweak the setup, the additional accessories will let you unlock even more capabilities." - Yonker

An optional throttle, console, and manual electric assist mode selector are also available, and Android and iOS apps will allow for smartphone-based control and customization. The chro-moly steel framed E.V.O. weighs in at 64 pounds, rolls on three Schwalbe Energizer 20" x 1.75" tires, and can carry a maximum load of 300 pounds. The e-trike will be available through all authorized TerraTrike dealers sometime in late July 2017.