This Terrarium Table Lets You Fill Furniture With Houseplants

©. BloomingTables

BloomingTables are a lovely solution for saving space ... and keeping indoor plants away from kids and pets.

While the Victorian plant stand and macrame hanging plant holder never get old, we've seen all kinds of creative new ways to have plants inside. Some of my favorites are the ones that bring some multifunctionality into the home – anytime you can use one item for multiple purposes means the fewer things you need.

Multifunctional Design

Such is the case with this new design from BloomingTables that is both a table and a planter. At 30 inches by 33 inches by 10.5 inches wide, it's big enough for an entryway or windowsill table, without being bulky. Yet spacious enough to hold a lovely array of succulents.


© BloomingTables“As plant lovers, it wasn’t long before we were running out of places to keep our plants," said BloomingTables Founder and CEO Dustin Anthony. "BloomingTables gives us and plant lovers a new way to bring more plants into their lives in a new and innovative way. With such an abundance of stunning species of plants, there are countless ways to create arrangements in any home or office décor.”The tables are constructed of tempered glass that attaches by UV resistant suction cups for easy access; with a waterproof tub, painted maple veneer planter box, and painted steel legs.


© BloomingTablesNot only would this be a great choice for a small room or house, or in a home in which every surface is already inhabited by botanical friends – but it would also enable one to tuck the plants away just enough to make them less tempting to children and pets. Another thing I like about it is its endless potential – while it is designed for plants, it could work as a display table for all kinds of other objects.

Pricing and Availability

And I am not alone in thinking this is a nifty thing – it is currently on Kickstarter, where it blew away its initial goal in a matter of days. The crowdfunding ends on August 22, 2019, so if you're interested, you know what to do. They will retail for $249, but come as a reward now for a contribution of $177, which includes shipping in the United States.


© BloomingTables“We’re very excited to share our love of plants with others through BloomingTables,” said Anthony. “Our goal is to bring the beauty of the outdoors indoors, and give everyone another, unique way to introduce more plants into our homes and offices.”