The Terrapin: Handmade Wooden Camper Is a Home of Simplicity

Screen capture. Ron Clark/Peter Pavlowich/Casual Turtle Campers

Conventional campers are typically not much to look at -- stylistically, at least -- and can be quite heavy for a vehicle to lug around. But there are alternatives; looking to create custom-made campers that are simple, lightweight, durable and made with carefully chosen materials, Fort Collins, Colorado's Casual Turtle Campers makes a range of comfortable living spaces that are inspired by nautical design and the small trailers of the 1950s and 1960s, like this lovely little portable tiny home called the Terrapin.

Set upon a 5-foot by 8-foot trailer frame and weighing 1,360 pounds, the Terrapin features an aerodynamically sloped roof that is covered with a tough, waterproof material; insulation; seven windows; exterior and interior power outlets; more headspace in its galley kitchen; storage and a dinette area that folds down to become a bed.

The Terrapin's exterior cladding is made from Western red cedar, known for its beauty, lightness, low rate of shrinkage, and pest and moisture resistance. The Terrapin's interior floors and cabinets are made with stained beetle kill pine, while the underside has been sprayed with truck bedliner undercoating, to protect it from the elements.

The Terrapin is only one of Casual Turtle's lineup of customized trailers -- there are also these fifth wheel style cabs that fit over the rear of a truck, namely the Half Shell and the Original Cabover, both of which follow the same philosophy for carefully selected materials, efficient use of space and simplicity.

Setting itself apart from its complicated and bulky conventional cousins, these consciously simple campers are packed with the necessities, making a trip out into the great outdoors an enjoyable adventure.