Terminally Ill Dog Living It Up in His Last Weeks

Buddy completes No. 35 on his bucket list: 'Sit on a Harley (or in a side car).'. (Photo: Buddy's Bucket List/Facebook)

Buddy is a 6-year-old blue heeler with a winning smile, a huge heart, an owner who is head-over-heels in love with him, and — sadly — only four to six weeks left to live.

Buddy's owner, Emily Mochan, from Brisbane, Australia, was devastated when her beloved Buddy was diagnosed with terminal cancer. But as she told ABC News Brisbane, she decided not to waste any of the remaining days she had left with the pup. So she wrote up a list of things she wanted to help him experience and posted it to Facebook, calling the page "Buddy's Bucket List."

The list includes the kinds of fun that any dog would go nuts over — things like eating a steak dinner and a gourmet burger, riding in a jeep, and finding new dog parks to play in.

"I made the list so I would be positive with the time I have left, rather than count down the days, as that will be daunting," Mochan said.

Mochan was surprised by how quickly Buddy's story went viral. "It made Norwegian news overnight, and I've had support from America, the U.K. and Singapore ... it's been absolutely amazing," she said.

Within days, offers of support — both emotional and financial — came pouring in. Mochan has set up a GoFundMe page and plans to use any funds generated to help families with sick pets who don't have the access to care that Buddy has received.

For his part, Buddy is loving the extra attention and special treatment. So far he's gone running on the beach, had a trip to the spa, been on the news, ridden in a jeep and on a Harley and been made an honorary member of the police force. He's checking lots of items off of his list each day and still has many more to go.

One big one will be checked off this weekend when Mochan has a barbecue and cooks up a string of sausages just for her sweet doggy to enjoy.