Tennessee Looks for Green Job Growth

Tennessee is looking to attract green workers. (Photo: formulanone [CC by SA-2.0]/Flickr)

Yesterday I wrote about the green job boom in California; today I am going to focus on another state that is looking at green job growth: Tennessee. In November 2008, the state's Department of Labor and Workforce Development released a report, Growing Green: The Potential for Green Job Growth in Tennessee.

The Triangle Business Journal reports

"Tennessee could add 45,000 new 'green' jobs with a $1.9 billion investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy production, a new report from the state’s labor department says. Labor Commissioner James Neeley says if the state invests that much money over two years to attract green businesses to Tennessee, many workers can transfer their skills to create the energy infrastructure of tomorrow."

The report has set forth a specific definition of green jobs. A green job must be family supporting and the position must "contribute significantly to preserving or enhancing environmental quality." Source: Growing Green Report

In the report, five main industries were examined: green building, biofuels, wind energy, solar energy and geothermal energy. The results of the research into these industries concluded that some of these industries are already experiencing a high demand for trained professionals and many of the prospective jobs were considered high wage positions.

The report also compares green industry companies in Tennessee with those in California, includes a listing of several federal incentives pertaining to renewable energy and energy efficiency as well as Tennessee-specific incentives in these industries.

Although California may be the green jobs Mecca of today, Tennessee may soon become one of the top green jobs states in the future.