The Tempus CR-T1 Delivers Café Racer Style With an Electric Drivetrain

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Even as some e-bike manufacturers are working to make their electric bikes look and feel more like conventional bicycles, others are designing them to stand out in a crowd.

The earlier models of e-bikes were decidedly clunky and heavy, at least when compared to conventional bicycles, so the move toward a cleaner look and lighter weight in newer models makes a lot of sense. And many of us may not want our new electric bikes to look out of place on the street or in the bike rack, which may draw unwanted attention from both thieves and bicycle purists alike. But there's another school of thought in electric bike design, which is to make them really stand out and turn heads due to their retro stylings or motorcycle-like features, such as the Monday Motorbikes M-1, and soon, the Tempus CR-T1.

Tempus Electric Bikes, based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, will be bringing its CR-T1 to market next year, and if your desire is for old-school looks coupled with high-tech features and performance, then this e-bike certainly fits the bill with its café racer lines and 1000W electric motor.

The CR-T1 is built on an "aircraft grade" 4130 chromoly steel frame with clip-on style handlebars, a spring fork up front and dual shocks and articulated swingarm in the rear, and weighs in at a hefty 75 pounds. The rear hub motor is powered by a 48V 17Ah lithium ion battery pack capable of a 50 km (~31 mile) range, with an estimated 4-hour recharging time. The bike is said to be limited to a 20 mph top speed for complying with e-bike regulations, but includes a speed override setting capable of letting the CR-T1 hit speeds up to 30 mph on off-road and track rides.

Tempus Electric Bikes CR-T1

© Tempus Electric Bikes

A faux gas tank encloses the bike's electronics, but not the battery pack, which is on the down-tube, and a leather motorcycle-style seat and front headlight adds to the café racer likeness. Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes ensure adequate stopping power, and with a weight capacity of up to 350 lbs (159 kg), the CR-T1 can handle big riders with ease. An LCD dashboard displays battery and ride data, while a USB port allows for the charging of mobile devices while riding, and the bike's battery pack is said to be rated for about 1000 charging cycles.

Here's a quick look at the Tempus CR-T1:

The Tempus CR-T1 will come with a rather hefty price tag, at least if you're looking for a cheap electric bike, as the company is putting the estimated retail cost at $4000 CAD (~US$2965), but it's probably safe to say that none of the lower cost e-bikes can compete on style points, so perhaps this electric two-wheeler is priced exactly right. Find out more at Tempus Electric Bikes.