Temporary Bamboo Bridge Replaces Tourist Attraction in Thailand

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The Mon Bridge in Sangkhlaburi, Thailand was the second longest wooden bridge in the world, at 1500 feet. It was a major tourist attraction until it was washed away in a storm in July. Now Thai architect Chuta Sinthuphan sends us this photo of its replacement, also likely to be a big attraction. He writes:

Last month, a storm destroyed a section of the famous wooden bridge bridge that connect a Mon village in the town of Sangkhlaburi. The Mon people got together and built this temporary floating bamboo bridge. What a magnificent piece of engineering.

The Bangkok Post reports:

More than 500 residents of tambon Nong Lu in Sangkha Buri district spent six days building the floating bridge following the collapse of the Saphan Mon bridge.
The raft stretches across 450m of the river, from one bank to the other. It was initially expected to take take two to three weeks to complete, but the people in the two villages, Thais and ethnic Mon people, were determined to show they were a united community and finished the job in record time, Pakorn Noikate, mayor of tambon Wang Ka Municipality, said.
original bridge

Wikitravel/CC BY 2.0

The bridge it replaced. Wikitravel warned " Be careful when crossing the bridge though, it is made and repaired in a chaotic manner and you need to be careful of your footing." The new one looks a lot safer.