Teensy Little Reelight CIO Runs Day and Night Without Batteries

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There is a lot of controversy about what makes for safe bike riding, but one thing everyone agrees with: lights are important. Even during the day; that’s why cars have daytime running lights. But most people don’t use lights in the daytime because the batteries run down and have to be replaced or recharged more often.

Danish company Reelight solved this problem with induction powered lights; magnets are mounted on the spokes and every time the wheel turns, a current is generated in the light. Now they have introduced a new version, the teensy little Reelight CIO, that flashes every time the wheel turns. It has a little battery so that if you come to a red light (and people on bikes in Denmark stop at red lights, even at T intersections!) it keeps going for two minutes. It's being launched on Indiegogo and has already blown through its targets.

This is a really good idea. It is pretty much theft-proof with its wire mount, it is no maintenance, no worry. So many of the bike accessories we see have lasers and GPS systems and fancy technologies; this is simple and logical and doesn't even have an on/off switch.

..you never have to worry about batteries again, nor should you worry about the maintenance of the product, since the CIO bike lights require minimal care. CIO has a bright flash, and the ReePowerTM feature keeps you safe at a standstill. CIO has gone though climatic tests which have proven that it's waterproof and solid in harsh environments.

reelight lit up in front

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I personally am tired of taking my lights off when I park downtown, forgetting to turn them off when I get home and finding them dead the next day, and cluttering up my handlebars. I like the idea of daytime running lights, particularly after reading about their study:

Based on a large scale research study* with over 4,000 participating cyclists, we have proven that our induction lights reduce the probability of accidents by 19% when counting all accidents, and 47% for accidents with more than one involved party. Furthermore, 85% of our induction light users have expressed that they felt safer while riding in traffic.
Reelight side

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They seem a bit pricy for such a tiny light (US$ 88 a pair with Indiegogo pricing) but they also seem like one of those inventions that are so logical and convenient that it is hard to complain. Reelight does make other induction powered lights that are cheaper; they are just not so small and elegant. I may get myself a pair of these.